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Driftwood Studio, the next iteration of Bruce Tarbet Photography, is a creative arts studio focusing on photography and custom fishing rod building. While the two disciplines seem wildly divergent the skills to master them are very similar: high-level attention to detail, patience, planning and determination. See the links below for more examples and ordering information.


Driftwood Studio Photography is operated by Bruce Tarbet, a Boise, Idaho based photographer working to express creativity and vision through photography.  A great photo can come from virtually any place or time, be taken by anybody and on any image-capturing device. There are times when planning, skill, creativity and high quality equipment are needed to capture a cherished memory, event or important message.  He's available to shoot editorial content,  events, portraits and special occasions capturing the emotion of the moment to enjoy forever.

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Custom Fishing Rods

Driftwood Studio, LLC Custom Rod Building is the expression of Bruce Tarbet's love for flycasting and fishing. Most fishers find great joy in using quality equipment, and custom built rods allow the caster to personalize nearly every aspect of the rod. From action to wrap colors, decals to engraving, Driftwood Studio Custom Rod Building can create a rod that is a showpiece on any body of water.

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